Monday, April 6, 2015

The finals on Tuesday

Dear readers

It is Tuesday already.

Today, WA will play NSW Thunder again for a bronze medal.

WA lost to NSW Thunder 7/9 yesterday.

Can WA do better in the medal play off.

The WA Under 17s 2014 team made history after over 11 years by winning a bronze medal. That was going to the lion's den by playing in NZ. There were many more NZ teams in the 2014 competition. Bella, Xiang, Jasper, Gerimay were there. They know what it is like to make history.

Today, WA will have to test their mettle against NSW Thunder again. They lost yesterday at 7/9. Today is a different story.

The players need to hunger for the medal.

They have a good chance.

I wish them all the luck. Whatever happens, I am sure the player's parents are proud of everything the players have achieved.

Dinner by Ruth

The players having dinner at a restaurant

Bella with her new boots showing how much pain she has gone through for WA

Whose feet are these?

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