Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting ready for battle

Dear readers

The team have arrived in Melbourne and will commence battle tomorrow morning. It will not be an easy task with 4 girls in the team and no reserve. Alicia Xu will be playing in her first national tournament at less than 14 years of age in a 17's tournament. She will have to find courage and determination to support her team and at such a young tender age. I am sure she will pull through and learn from this experience.

Xiang and Bella, both national champs will have to step up and lead the team.

Jasper and Geri May, stay healthy and give your best.

Jason and Sun Yee will want to fight and bring their their under 15s experience into perspective. Likewise Louise and Kai Chen.

The team has promise and have a great coach and manager. Coach Joe has already shown how he cares for the team.

Ruohe, make sure the team is well fed. I know it is difficult job but the team depends on you for sustenance.

Good luck tomorrow and give your best.

The parents in Perth will be following every match.

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