Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Sunday games

Dear friends and readers

The boys got up early for a breakfast of bacon and eggs and hash browns. I am told that during the Under 19's competition , Nick Kidd, the coach, would not allow such a heavy breakfast as it would slow the players down. What do I know other than that the Under 19s won a bronze team medal.

As mentioned in my last blog, Paul coaches Tyzton, Edmund and Amos on Sundays. This was the last chance for Paul to throw the boys some extra tips before departing to Tassie.

The boys started the morning well against the following invited players :

Ed and Gwen Bitao

Some of the players with Paul Kong and parents

It was a good morning workout for the boys. The boys managed to win most of their games despite playing against the older and more experienced players.

Paul was quite pleased with the results although Amos did not play as he was resting under his mother's orders. We have to thank the players who turned up for the games.

After the game,we went to Ten Ten for chicken rice. 

I was talking to TouK Krei re the arrangements for meals when we are at Tassie. Kay indicated that the budget was quite tight and it seems we cannot even order take away pizza :) .

I suggested that her husband should bring his fishing rod to Tassie so that he can catch our dinner. He is quite an accomplished fisherman. I suppose if the team depended on me to bring fish to the table, my wife will say they will probably go hungry.

The night will be sent packing for the trip. Bye till we are at Tassie.

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