Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting ready to fly to Victoria

Dear readers and parents of the state players,

It is nearly time for the team to fly off to Victoria to represent WA.

Tyzton has been up packing his bags and asking me if he has missed anything. I bet all the other players and their parents must be doing the same thing.

I will be at the airport tomorrow to see the team off and perhaps take a few photos for the blog.

For those who are not aware, you can follow the team's progress at:

The rankings for some of the players have already been set. There is some disquiet as to how the rankings (which is based on BA's current rankings) can be accurate. That is because some of the players do not have a BA ranking as they do not play in BA's sanctioned tournaments. This is especially true for WA players.

The rankings are usually done after the team events based on how the players performed in the team events.  To rank them without taking into consideration the team events looks a bit out of whack.

Why is getting a ranking important. Well, if you are ranked you usually get to play weaker players on the way to the finals. So if you are ranked No. 1, the players in your draw will usually be the weakest players. 

Have a look to see how your player or child is placed in the tournament.

In regards to the team event, WA have quite a good draw as they are playing Tasmania, New Caledonia and then Victoria Demons which is Vic's No. 2 team. That is in the first round. It is quite complicated the way the draws are made and how each team crosses over to another division. Kay Terry MBE is the best person to ask how it works.

For me, I am still grappling with how I am going to blog the events from WA and during my work time. This will be a good experience. Good night.


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