Thursday, March 28, 2013

The team flies off

Dear readers and parents

The team met at the domestic airport at 11 am. I could feel the excitement emanating from some of the players. A few of the players were lucky to have their parent or parents see them off.

The players checking in

The Teohs

The Tans posing
The other Tans

Serena and mum

The Phans
The complete team

The team with supporters

I have been keeping in touch with the team by phone and "wechat".

I am trying to get the players to use "wechat" to give me updates on what is happening over in Victoria.

This is going to be an interesting blogging assignment.

I am told the team has moved into their caravan park. The other teams are staying in better classed accommodation this time. WA is having humbler accommodation and hopefully they get good night sleeps every night.

Will keep everyone updated as much as I can.

The poseurs

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