Friday, March 15, 2013

Preparing for the Badminthon

Dear readers

As you should be aware, today , which is 2.17 am Sat 16 Mar is the day of the badminthon which is to start at 10 am and last till 10 pm.

Titus is staying with us tonight to keep Tyzton company and to discuss tactics. I am to understand that Tyzton is supposed to be Vice Captain! Well , they have both been playing badminton in state teams since 2010. Yes, the Tan family have been a badminton family since 2010, taking part in competitions both in WA and interstate for the boys.

Every national competition brings it's challenges and memories.

Today, my memory will be of playing till 11.30 pm with Andrew Chai at Samson Badminton Club and then coming home to cook the dinner for the team.

Irma is doing lasagne for the dinner for the team tomorrow.

Tomorrow's schedule includes a Coach team selection match against the Under 17s team in the afternoon.

In the evening, there will be a President's Cup comprising of players invited by the President.

Which means, dinner needs to be provided. Annie did a soya sauce pork with beancurd and eggs while I cooked an al dente bihoon noodles with chicken, mushroom, fungus and cabbage.

Annie's soya pork

The al dente chicken bihoon

Why is this in the blog? Well, you have to understand that the players have to be fed when they are at the comp in Melbourne. Who is going to do the cooking? It is usually the parents who are there.

If the parents do not assist the team., the team will go hungry. If they are hungry, there is no player who can play. Hence, feeding the team is a major priority. The manager and umpire that comprise the formal team usually do not have time to cook for the players (although I did my fair share as manager of the Under 15s team).

So, the team will have to rely on some of the parents that will be going.

For me, I better get ready for bed as tomorrow will be an early day. Good night.

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