Friday, March 29, 2013

The players arrive at Victoria

Dear Readers

I do not have much to update. I know the team has arrived safely. However, I understand YuLI had a small accident with the car. Hope she is OK.

Kay was not too impressed with the opening ceremony today from what I heard.

The food situation has not been good either.

There was a great surprise for Silvi as she found  her mum and dad at the caravan park. What a great surprise.
Irma and John's surprise for Silvi

I have asked Tyz to be my photographer. However, he seems to think he has to be in every picture?

I understand the comp starts tomorrow but WA has a bye in the morning. That will give the team some time to get their food supplies.
Nothing else to report.

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Unknown said...

I heard there was not enough food for the dinner! And the pasta was cold and the meat was burnt... :(