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The President's Cup

Dear readers,

The players have had a short rest after Kay forced everyone to have a shower to freshen up.

Annie then did a briefing on the rules.

Annie with the rules briefing

The President Cup is starting after a rousing introduction by El President of her team members.

The State team in their gold uniform. Unfortunately Yuli is missing.

The President has invited quite a few ex state players.

The state team with the President's team

El Presidente introducing her team

Click to see the President introducing her team:


Click to see Titus introducing the State team:


The team huddle:


First off the pace are Tyz and Alex v Joline and Ben. Joline has just come to Perth to study. She was at the Singapore Sports School and ranks  high in  Asia as a junior player.

They are at 14 all. WA gets to 21/18.

In the 2nd set, WA is at 13/10. Now WA is at 14/11. PT claws back 2 pts. PT gets to  14/15.
WA wins at 21/18 again. This is a good win for Tyz and Alex who have been in several state teams together.

Xiang and Olivier v Edward and Julia is next.

WA is trailing at 8/9. They get to 14/10 in a hurry. PT catches up to 16/17. PT wins at 22/20 on the first set. They lead at 4/3 for the 2nd set. Now at 4 all. They go down at 21/12.

Teoh and Serena play Andrew Frank and Ashley next. Ashley was in the last Under 19's team that won bronze. WA  is leading at 16/11. They get to a close 25/23 and then win the 2nd set at 21/19. It was a good match and the players gave everything they had. Teoh is getting more confident with each game. After the game, he told me that even if he is not the best player in the team, he has set himself up to tire out his opponent so that his team mates can have a better chance. He is a real team player.

Kai Jie Teoh has improved much since training in the state team. His parents must be so proud of him. He should be proud of himself for being determined to give his best for WA.

The atmosphere in the court is quite fantastic as there are a few parents and spectators. Most of the the BAWA board  is here with Judith, Kelly, Bruce and Kim. Even Himanshu and Kirran were in attendance supporting the team.

Titus and Phing play Jaz and Samantha next. PT is trailing at 10/12 but fighting back. They go down at 21/9 and then 21/14. Sam and Jaz are too rusty.

Tyz is playing Ben in singles next. Tyz gets to 11/5. Now he leads at 14/7. He gets to 18/12 and finishes at 21/14. Ben trails at 13/10. They get to deuce.  Now at 22/21 in Tyz's favour. Tyz wins the game.

Alex and Teoh are now playing Sophie and Ryan. WA gets to 7/3. WA gets the first set at 21/11 and the 2nd set at 21/12. Teoh's confidence must be growing.

Serena plays Ashley next. Serena gets to 11/9. Ash trails at 16/17. Serena wins at 21/18.
She is at 14/11 for the 2nd set. Serena gets to 18 all after leading most of the way. They are now at 20 all. Ash does a good smash to get the lead. She then serves out for deuce at 22 all. Ash gets the lead and serves out again. Ash gets the lead again . Serena gets the lead and misses the winning shot to get to 24 all. Ash serves out again. Serena finally wins the game with a drop shot at 27/25. She is coming along fine as a player. Shen then walks to the table and casually grabs a grape like it was just another day at the courts.

Phing and Joline are at 6 all.  Suddenly Phing trails at 13/6. Phing fights back to get to 10/14 and then 15/17. Joline gets to game point but serves out at 20/17. Phing gets to 19/20. She cannot contain Joline and loses the first set at 21/19 after a good fight back.

Joline leads the 2nd at 12/10 and then 17/11. She gets to 21/16.

Titus and Xiang are keeping close at 11/12. Titus gets to 19/16 and then wins both sets.
Titus win Xiang at 21/16 and 21/16. showing how much he has improved when he missed out in the Under 15's state team and had to contend with playing in the regional team. Titus has come so far from that year in 2011.

Sophie is playing Julia. Julia is leading Sophie by 20/6. WA  wins at 21/6. I just heard Sophie is playing with a sore toe. What dedication. Her dad said she is either dedicated or crazy.  Julia finishes the game with a clear win.

Teoh and Tyz are playing Andrew and Ryan.  They are at game point 12 and Teoh finishes the game at 21/14 and 21/9.

Alex is now playing Olivia. Olivia is leading Alex at 19/14.  Olivia finishes the game at 21/12 and then 21/15.

Olivia and Joline now play Phing and Alex. PT are leading at 9/7. PT wins at 21/18. In the 2nd set, WA fights back. WA is leading at 14/18 for the 2nd set. WA wins at 21/17 giving us a close draw.

Titus is playing Jaz next.  They are at 9 all.  Titus gets to 15/9 and Jaz fights back at 13/19 but loses at 21/14.

In the 2nd set, Jaz is leading at 8/5. Jaz gets to 11/6. Titus catches up at 14 all and then takes the lead. They stay close with Titus leading by 1 pt and then at 17 all. Titus wins the 2nd set at 21/19. Jaz has not been playing too much badminton lately preferring golf. He now needs to start training again if he wants to play in the Under 19s team. What will it be, golf or badminton?

Edward is at 9 all with Ryan. Edward gets to 14/10. Edward  wins at 21/13 and 21/18.

Teoh is playing Andrew next. He loses the first at 19/21 but wins the 2nd at 21/17.

Jiten Bhatt, our globe trotting umpire giving us a hand

Some of the parents and supporters
Joline and Ben v Alex and Tyz

The WA team win the President Cup challenge without a problem.

Final score

At the end of the comp, Andrew Chai did a quick BBQ to feed the players.

The usual warm down
A very hungry Kai Chen wolfing down his noodles at the tournament

It has been a good day for the team. Lot's was learned re how the tournament runs. Good luck guys.

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