Friday, March 15, 2013

The Badminthon starts

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The morning started with breakfast of curry puffs prepared by Auntie Ee. She has been sending curry puffs to my home every Sat for nearly a year. God bless her.

The boys had already woken up earlier and had Shanghai dumplings and sausages.

We arrived at Armadale exactly at 10 am. I hate the drive to Armadale as it is so far from home.

Most of the players had just arrived too.

The first tournament style match will start at 12 pm. There is lots of time to warm the players up.

Annie, Irma and Sok Teoh were given the task of preparing lunch which was chicken rolls.

This is the first time the team has had a lunch together as a team. They will be sharing lots more meals together which will make the team bonding even better.

Their first team lunch

Irma and Annie preparing lunch

The 3 new state players were interviewed. Their interview will be posted soon.

I am trying out posting the videos onto You Tube as suggested by Sok Teoh. previously, whenever I post a video on the blog, it had to be quite short. Hence the break in the videos. This new method seems to be working better as posts to Youtube can be up to 30 mins of video. Wish I found this out earlier. Thanks Teoh.

The 3 new team players:


You will note how shy they seem. I bet you when they return , they will be full of confidence having represented their state. I  know from experience. Just listen to Olivia and Xiang now after playing in 2 state teams.

The players had their first team cheer together.

The team commence the day's tournament with a match against the Coaches Combined team.

The first game will be Tyz and Alex v Daryl and Angie.

Teoh is playing with Serena against Edmund and Rita from Italy.

T and A are leading 8/4. Now at 10/7 and they continue to lead at 12/8. D and A are catching up at 12/14. T and A now lead by 17/16.

They draw at 19 all. D and A get to set point first and T and A get deuce.  The score is at 21/21. The score gets to 22 all after Tyz misses the winning shot. Now they trail and lost the set at 24/22.

The 2nd set is tight at 11 all. Now at 14 all. Now at 16 all. They are going point for point.
T and A win the 2nd set at 21/18. They win by points as they are only playing 2 sets each.

Teoh and Serena are down at 6/5.

T and S are down 8/11. They catch up at 9/12.

The 2nd set is at 2 all.

They now trail at 7/5. They now trail at 8/14. Now down at 17/8. They get to 11/17. They lose at 21/11. This should be good for their experience.

Titus is playing Gavin and is trailing at 18/15. He catches up to 17/19.  Gavin finished the first set at 21/17.

Titus is leading the 2nd set at 11/9. Gavin gets to 13 all. Titus finishes the 2nd set at 21/17 making it a draw.

Ping is playing Angie.

Tyz is playing Daryl and is at 10 all after trailing.

Tyz is going point for point with Daryl. They are at 13 all. Now at 16 all.  Tyz gets to 18/20 and then 19/20. Daryl wins at 21/19 after a good drop.

Tyz is trailing in the 2nd set at 6/11. He gets back to 9/13. Still trails at 16/19. Daryl wins the 2nd set at 21/16.

Andrew Belcher is playing Edward  next. Edward is leading at 8/4. Edward has won Andrew in the first set. He is winning at 14/9. Andrew catches up to 12/14. He is now leading at 18/17.  Andrew gets to 22/21 and wins the 2nd set.

Kai Jie loses the first set to Tony at 21/12. He then gets the 2nd set at 21/12 bringing a draw. That is a good comeback.

Phing wins Angie at 21/6 and 21/6.

Kai Jie and Serena go down at 16/21 and 11/21.

Tyz and Alex win in points against Daryl and Angie at 22/24 and 18/21.

 Alex is now playing Crystal.

Alex is at 4 all. She trails at 14/18. She then wins the first set at 21/13. Crystal fights back and gets the 2nd set at 21/15.

Serena and KJ Teoh v Rita and Edmund with Annie as Umpire
Tyz and Alex v Angie and Daryl

Titus and Gavin with Umpire Sok Teoh

Serena and Julia are playing Rita and Hannah. Rita and Hannah win at  21/15 and 21/14. This is the first time Serena and Julia have played together in a state team event.

Edward is playing Edmund in another singles set in place of Amos. Edward is leading at 9/8. Edward gets to 11/9 first.

The game is close with Edmund trailing at 12/14. They get to 16 all. They get to 20 all and Edmund wins the first set at 22/20. Edward fights back and gets the 2nd set at  20/10.

Alex v Crystal

Phing and Alex v Angie and Crystal

Serena v Sarah
Titus and Phing win against Gavin and Sarah at 21/17 and 21/8 easily.

Julia beats Rita 21/16 and 21/17 in another easy game. She is gaining her confidence.

Titus and Tyz now play Daryl and Gavin.

Serena is leading by a small margin of 14/13 against Sarah. She gets another point and shows how much she has improved since playing and training at state level. Sarah gets 2 points to get to 16/18.

Sarah gets to game point and Serena gets to deuce. Serena wins the game to her relief.

Serena leads the 2nd set at 13/8. Sarah is fighting back and gets to 9/13.

Serena wins the 2nd set in a more convincing 21/15.

Julia just won her games against Sarah at 21/16 and 21/17 after a hard fight.

Julia plays Hannah next. Hannah leads at first but Julia gets to 13/8 and then wins the first set at 21/14 . She leads the 2nd set at  13/6 and then wins at 21/6.

Tyz and Titus win against Daryl and Gavin 21/18 and also 22/20.

Edward and Kai Jie are playing Tony and Andrew. They trail at 17/9 and lose both sets at 13/21 and 14/21.

Tyz and Titus win against Daryl and Gavin 21/18 and also 22/20. Their partnership is getting stronger.

Phing and Alex lose their first set to Angie and Crystal at 16/21. They fight back to get the 2nd set at 21/18.

Titus and Teoh are playing Edmund and Tony next. They look like they are leading. They  trail at 9/14 but finish at 21/16 and 21/14. This may be Teoh's first win.

Andrew and Tony  win at 21/14 and 21/14 against Teoh and Tony.

Serena and Alex lose the first set at 21/10 against Sarah and Crystal. They  come back and win the 2nd set at 21/17.

There was a short break for a photo op with all the players.

Edward and Serena are leading 17/9 against Andrew and Hannah. They win at 21/12 and 21/17 without breaking a sweat.

That means the State team has won the first team challenge. Good on them. That should give them good  confidence for the President's Cup.

The team is now warming down before they have a team talk and a discussion on the badminton rules.

The State team with the Coach's Team

The final score

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