Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 2nd day of the competition

Dear friends and readers

You might be wondering why there was no reporting today in the morning. Well, there was a "bye". That is because of the way the teams are rotated. So there was no game this morning.

Yuan Wah and I decided to try our luck at fishing again. This time he bought $20 worth of processed prawns. I do not think the fishes like them cos we caught nothing even though we went to 3 locations. The windy conditions did not help. Maybe the kids will have to go hungry tonight.

The mums have been preparing chicken buns ready for the afternoon game. We are playing the Vic Demons which is their 2nd team. Tyz's Under 15s team last year did beat them enabling WA to get to a bronze medal.

This should prove interesting as their skills are comparable. It will be down to the cheering from the teams.

Will keep all posted.

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