Sunday, April 8, 2012

Northern NZ v WA

Aaarghhhh, I lost the posting for the first half of the games. What happened to my blog.

I now have to recreate what happened this morning.

Edmund and Tyz got to play first. They lost the first set at 14/21. They played better and got the 2nd set at 21/16.  There was hope that they could cause an upset by winning the first game. However, they could not win and lost at 21/10.

Shelby and Silvi also lost their games at 21/15 and 21/8.

The Northern New Zealand team is very strong. They got 15 games against NSW 2.

Phing and Alex also could not get a game off them losing 21/16 and 21/7.

Amos and Jazton also lost their games  at 21/15 and 21/11.

This was not looking good for WA.

Titus then got to play Vivian Washington. He lost the first set at 21/14. The 2nd set was looking better until NNZ broke away at 21/13.

Jaz also lost his game in 2 sets and was visibly disappointed.

Alexandra then got onto the court. I looked up and saw that the score was 10/4. I thought Alex was losing. I then looked up again and realised it was Alex who was in the lead. She finished the first set at 21/9.

The 2nd set was closer and NNZ managed to finish at 21/16. This was our first 3 setter against NNZ. Alex was in the lead but then lost ground at 17. They then went point for point till NNZ got into the lead. Alex then got a deuce. Both sides got to 21/21. Alex then got 2 points in a roll to win the match. She was estatic. She will be such an asset for the Under 15s this year. 

The next match was between Shelby and Philips. Shelby lost 21/10 and 21/9 as NNZ was too strong.

Phing then steps up to the court. Can she get us another match. She did not fail us winning 21/11 and 21/17.

Amos then had his singles. By that time my laptop had died. I then started using the ipad but took a long time to get it connected to the wifi. I then found out that all my posting for today was lost.

This next part was from the point by point recording which was recorded in my ipad.

Amos is playing a beautiful game. He got the first set at 21/18. He is leading the 2nd at 17/15. He is now at 18/16.

Tyz and Shelby are now on. They are leading 8/4. They get to 11/5. They are at 14/10. Now 17/14. They get to 21/15. In the 2nd set they get to 11/8. They get to 17/12. They win at  21/13.  That gets us 3 matches. 2 more than the other teams except South Australia that won 4 matches against NNZ.

Jaz and Silvi are at 5/4. That is a closer game. They get to 11/9. They are now 17/17. Jaz and Silvi lost  at 21/19.

At the 2nd set WA is at 8/5. NNZ gets to 11/9. WA gets to 12/13. WA is at 16/18. Mistakes are made and WA lose 21/18. They could have won but lost focus.

Phing and Edmund try their best and win in a 3 setter. They struggled in the first set and lost at 21/13. Can they win the 2nd. Ed and Phing get to 11/9 on the 2nd set. They stay on top at  17/14. NNZ hits the return out to give WA 20. NNZ claws back 2 more points but WA stays focussed and wins at 21/19.

The 3rd set looks even closer as they battle for each point.  WA finally wins the set after a close fight.

Amos and Alex could not win their games.

That meant we had 4 matches against NNZ just like South Australia.

NSW 2 only managed 1 match.

Does that mean we are still in medal contention. It depends on the games between Vic 2 and NSW 2.

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