Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparing for the start of the tournament

Dear friends and readers

I went to sleep last night at 9 am Tassie time. Got up at 2.30 am wondering what to do. Had to try and get back to sleep and managed to stay asleep till 6 am. This is one of the the longest hrs I have ever slept.

Managed to get breakfast prepared for the team. For lunch, we are having noodles soup with fish balls, meat balls and pork balls.

The boys had to be pushed out of bed to get ready for their training.

The mums yakking before the opening ceremony

I am going fishing with Yuan Wah to try and get some extra supplies for the team. Wish us luck. This is as up to date as you can get on the blog.

Well, Yuan Wah organised for 2 of his work colleagues to drive us to a fishing spot.

When we reached the place, we realised how steep the descent was to the rocks.

Man, that is a steep descent to get to the fishing spot

The beginning of the descent with Yan Wah, Darren and Wai

It was a good day fishing although Yuan Wah did most of the work. The ones I caught were too small and had to be released.

1st fish

Yuan Wah and his fishes
Yuan Wah did the cleaning of the fishes and we BBQ some of them for the players. They enjoyed the fresh taste.

I skipped the official dinner and went with Touk Krei, Irma, Irene and Yuan Wah for a good fish dinner.

First official team photo. Yu Li has better shots and I will copy from her ipad tomorrow.

The dinner at the Waterfront

Five about to sleep beauties.

It has been a long day. Time to sleep. Night.

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