Friday, April 25, 2014

Bella and Olivia's doubles plate

I lost most of the videos for Olivia and Bella's plate event.

Still getting the hang of the app. Sorry andik, the videos were mostly for your viewing.

By the way, they won easily in 2 sets.

So WA got the team bronze and the girls's double plate.

Oscar Guo the 13 year old leftie won in 3 sets against Justin Lee.

Tiff Ho and Janet Son won the girls doubles while Tiff Ho and Huai Dong won the mixed.

Huai Dong and Justin won against Alex Qu and Ben Hillier in 2 sets.

That's the end of the tournament.

I am bringing the kids for a drive to Auckland for some sightseeing.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Location:Gillies Avenue,Epsom,New Zealand

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your update Ray...We really appreciated your hard work to keep everyone in WA up to date with the game.

Thanks to Coach Yuli,Kay, Annie, Sophie parents, Lee Fah,& everyone who has had supported olivia, boys and girls to achieve their best result for WA.
See you all back to WA soon...