Monday, April 21, 2014

Xiang gets to 19/16.  and then to match point.

His footwork is so good. He gets the match when David hits out.

WA is now 6/1 up. Julia is now at 14/16. She may be able to turn this around.

They have a few gos at dropping before Julia gets another pt.

She trails at 16/20.  Vic gets the match. They are now 6/2 in the team score.

Tyz now faces Schuler who has brown quite a few inches since the last time they met.

He is now 1/2 a head taller than Tyz.

Olivia now plays Theresa Chan.

Tyz gets to 4/3. He gets a good trick cross to get to 5/3.

He gets a cross drop for another pt.

Schuler get a pt. and another to draw.

Olivia is at 3/1.

Tyz draws at 8 with a trick drop.

Olivia gets a head at 4/3. Tyz gets to 11/9 with a delayed flick.

Olivia is at 6/4.

Tyz drops to 12/13.

Schuler gets to 16/12.

Olivia is tied at 

Tyz gets to 15/17.

Olivia gets to 10/10. Tyz does a drop to get back at 16/18.

He gets to 18/19 and then 19/19 with a body smash.

He gets to deuce..

He gets to set pt. Jacob deuces. They deuce at 22/21 and Tyz gets the set.

That is a close shave as he gets in from behind.

Olivia is at 15/14.

He gets the. first pt at 1/3. He gets a smash to 2/3.

Julia is at 18/15.

Olivia gets to 19/15 and then set pt. Olivia gets the first set.

Tyz is at 5/5.

He trails at 5/7.

Olivia gets to 2/2 while Tyz continues to trail at 10/6.

Schuler gets to 11/6. Tyz looks tired.

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