Thursday, April 24, 2014

First blog using video

Dear readers

I have enjoyed so much the new ease I have in uploading photos for the blog.

I used to have to take the pictures on my iPhone or camera. I then had to connect the iPhone to my computer to upload the pictures before I can add it to the blog.

While leaving for NZ I got my son Jaz to put in the pictures on picasa. I then upload the pictures to picasa so that I can transfer the pictures to my blog.

I was therefore able to upload photos instantly instead of waiting for the end of the night to use my laptop to upload the pictures.

I downloaded blogger for free and it allowed me to upload pictures immediately. Which is why the blog has so many more photos.

It is 1.24 am in NZ and I have just uploaded a new app called blog press which now also allows me to upload videos instantly. I am just trying it out. Bear with me while I do a test run. If it works,the badminton blogs will be even more dynamic.

YouTube Video

It worked. the blog has gone so far from just my thoughts. Now it has photos. Now it has videos. Life has changed.

I started in this idea as I have to do my standard interviews before the end of the tournament. It was a real pain uploading the videos the last time when I was in Tasmania. This will be such a great improvement. Well worth staying up late to try and find the answer.

Good night. Today is. ANZAC DAY. I will upload photos for all.

haha, what a great app. Life transforms and betters itself each day. What next, a blog that emits scent?

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