Monday, April 21, 2014

WA v Vic

The game is about to commence. Gav and ED vs Schuler and David Chin.

Olivia and Geri v K Guo and Samantha Lee.

The first games will determine how we will do.

GE is up 4/2. Girls at 4/4.

Boys 6/4 and then another pt. Girls 5/6. Gav attacks Chin.

GE gets to 11/5.

Girls at 6/9. Now 7/9.

 Girls at 9/11. Boys at a long rally and win to 18/6.  Vioc gets a pt.  Girls at 11/15. Boys get to 19/8. 

Boys win the first set.

 Girls at 20/20. Girls at 21/20.  Girls get the 1st set.

Boys at 6/4.  Boys at 8/7.  Boys 9/7. Girls 3/1.

Girls 2/3. Girls 6/2. 

They get back a pt. Boys at 12/8.

Boys 14/9. Boys at 20/16 and they win the match with a Gavin smash.

Girls at 9/13.  The girls reduce the gap to 11/13.  Now 12/13.  Npw draw at 13. The girls take the lead.

Geri gets to 15/14 with a smash.

 WA gets another pt.
WA gets to 18/15. Now 19/16.

Olivia serves out. They need 2 more pts. Now draw at 19. Vic takes the lead at 20.  Geri gets the deuce and Olivia does a drop for match. They get the match. We are 2 up.

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