Monday, April 21, 2014

Mixed doubles.

Tyz and Olivia leading at 7/6. Xiang and Geri are 10/5.

XG get to 11/5.

Tyz and Oli at 8/8. They get to 11/9.

TO at 13/10. XG at 12/7.

TO at 15/12. XG at 16/8.

TO 17/14 and XG 17/10.

TO at 18/18 and XG wins the first set.

TO gets to game pt.  and Olivia smashes for the set.

XG at 4/6.

SA at 7/5.

XG at 13/10.

TO 8/8.

TO get to 11/8. XG at 15/15.

XG at 17/16.  They reach 19/17.  XG get the match at 21/17.

TO at 13/13.

They get 15/13. They are at 17/14 and the SA boys are screaming behind them to distract them. Everytime a pt is won by either side, there is shouting.

TO at 20/18.  Tyz smashes for the match at 21/18.

Gav and Bella next. 

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