Monday, April 21, 2014

ED and Xiang's singles

Ed is at 7/5. He gets to 8/5. 

Xiang is next against Tristan Edison. Ed gets to 11/7. X

Xiang has a slow start. The bacon and eggs have not kicked in yet.

Ed gets to 16/6. He does a cross drop to get to 17/6.

Xiang is at 3/4.  Ed gets to match pt and wins the match for WA. Great work.

Xiang gets to 7/5.  He is playing the younger of the Edison brothers who are imports from Malaysia.

Xiang gets to 11/6.

Julia is next against Tatyana Hubczenko.

 Xiang gets to 17/10. He gets the first set at 21/10. Bacon and eggs have kicked in.

Xiang is at 4/2.

Julia gets 5/3 and Xiang is at 5/5. Xiang trails at 7/8.

Julia gets to 6/8.

Aftyer a long rally, Xiang gets to 10/8.  He gets to 11/9.

Julia reaches 11/9.

Julia gets to 14/10. Xiang at 14/12.

Sfter another long rally, Xiang taps in for a pt. The SA boys is not giving up.  Julia leads at 17/11.

Xiang trails at 15/17 and now 18. He gets back a pt.  He does a drop and gets another pt. 

Julia wins the set at 21/13.

Xiang is at 19/20.  He gets deuce.  He loses a pt.  He smashes into the net and now has to play a 3 setter. 

Julia is at 5/2 in the 2nd set. She gets to 7/2.

Xiang is at 4/1. He needs to concentrate and take the match. He gets 5/1.

Julia is at 8/6.  The SA boys shows good skills giving Xiang a good run and long rallies.

Julia reaches 11/6. Xiang is at 9/3. He gets 
to 10/4 and then 11/4.

Julia reaches 13/6 and is going strong.  Xiang gets to 12/4. He is letting the other player make the mistakes. Julia gets to 17/9.  Xiang is at 16/5.

The SA girls is catching up but Julia gets to match pt and gets the match with a drop. Well done Julia.
 Xiang gets to win the match at 21/6. Good work on the 3rd set.

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