Monday, April 21, 2014

Xiang and Tyz v Keith Edison and Kevin Lu, Bella and Julia

The girls are at 2/2 and now 3/2.

The girls get to 6/5.

The boys are at 4/4.

Boys at 6/4.  Girls get to 8/6.  Boys at 7/5.  Boys are 8/6.

Girls reach 11/6.

Boys at 10/7.   SA gets 2 pts.  WA gets to 11/9 with a Tyz smash.

Girls get to 13/7. SA gets a pt at 8/13.

Boys are at 14/11.

Girls are fighting hard and get to 14/10. 

The boys get to 16/11. The girls stay strong at 16/13. They have to keep the pressure on. The boys are at  19/14.

Olivia gets a smash to the body of her opponent to get to 18/14. The boys are at 19/16 and reach game pt. Xiang smashes to get the set at 21/16.

Olivia smashes for another pt at 19/16.  Geri serves a good serve to get match pt. They get the match at 21/16. Good girl, great effort from both girls.

WA boys get to 4/2. Now 5/2.  They get to 6/3. The boys are at 8/5. A drop by Tyz sees a out return.
He gets a serve pt.

Score now at 10/6.

Bella and Julia  play Lee Yen and Josephine.  SA boys hit back and get to 10 but we reach 11 first.

The girl are at 4/4.

WA gets a pt to 14/12 after Tyz  defends 6 smashes before SA hits the net.

The girls are fighting at 10/8 against 2 girls who play for Australia.

Boys get to 17/16. SA draws at 17/17.  Tyz smashes to get to match pt.  Tyz gets the match with a smash. Good work boys.

WA team score is now 3 / 0.

The girls are at 14/13. 

The girls trail at 14/19 and now face game pt. Bella does a net smash to stay alive. They lose the first set.

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