Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gavin v Vic boy

Leading at 11/6.

Now 14/8. P

16/7. 17/7

18/7 19/7  20/7 20/9 21/9

2nd set


Vic comes in for a kill but hits the net.

Gav smashes for another pt.


9/6 and Gav is turning the boy around the court.

Gav gets to 11/9.  12/11 as David Chin fights back. 

Chin hangs in at12/13.

Now 13/13. Gav does a good cross drop to get to 15/13.

Gav gets to 16/14. Now 17/16 as .Chins return tumbles over.

he gets to 19/16. Gav gets the final pt and match.

Tyz plays a NNz boy.

Tyz up at 12/4.


19/7 21/7.


11/2  Tyz wins under 10.

Jasper next v NNz2

Jasper up at 9/7

Bella so focused as a score keeper she does not know I am taking her photo.

Jasper at 13/15.

14/15 I hope does not need another 3 setter as his bum hurts.

Down 18/14.

Still down 15/20

NNZ wins first set.

Geri may asleep 

3/2 jasper



He gets a pt with a drop.

He keeps hitting out.  Now down 6/12




He reduces the lead to 5. He faces match pt at 12/20. He cannot go further as he loses the match.

His body must be aching but not as much as his heart.

He still has doubles.

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