Monday, April 21, 2014

Boys at 14/10 with a Tyzton smash to David who they are attacking.

Xiang gets another pt for WA. Girls lead at 3/1.

Boys get to 17/11. Girls are slogging it out.

Girls lead by 5/4. Vic catch up . Xiang smashes for 19/15. They get to match point. They get match point. We are now 3/0 up.

Girls are still  fighting. They get the lea d and Vic equalises at 8/8.

The girls retain the lead at 10/9.

Vic girls get to 11/10.

Julia smashes to equalise.

Bella is so graceful like she is dancing, and then she smashes for a pt.

Ed is now at 6/6. Juia and Bella get the first set. Ed takes the lead at 7/6.

Vic draws at 8/8.

Ed at 9/10.

He hits out and Vic gets to 11 first.

WA girls at 3/1.

The girls head for 6/1.

Ed is at 10/14. He needs to chase up.

Vic gets a pt but still trail at 7/5.

Ed does a dive to get the pt over the net and the kill shot is stuffed by Chin.

This may turn the game around and Ed is now at 13/15.

He gets another pt.

The girls are at 11/8.

Chin gets a smash in to lead at 18/15.

Ed faces game pt but he stays focused.  

Ed loses the first set.

The girls are ahead at 16/11.

Bella gets us to 17/12. Sh was the answer to Yuli's prayers.

Girls at 17/14 and then another pt.

She gets us to match pt. Ed gets to 7/2.

The girls are at game pt 16 and Bella hits the winner. Ed gets to 10/3. 

Geri is now playing  Chloe Chen. Ed gets to 15/4. What a different game.

Ed gets to 20/13 and has to close the game. He does with a strong smash and gets a pt to a 3rd set.

Geri is not doing well and gets a pt finally at 1/8.  

Ed is still battling it out.
I think her ankle is now hurting. She is giving everything for WA.

Her parents should be so proud that she is fighting so hard for her adopted state.

Ed gets to 5/9.

Geri is at 16/6 but does not give up.

Ed gets to 8/10.

Geri gets to 8/19.  She does a good drop and gets another pt.

Ed retrieves another pt. Geri cannot  

Ed does a flying leap to save a pt.

The luck may be turning as Vic's shuttle tumbles backward. 

Ed catches a pt to 14/12. He smashes in for another pt to 16/12 with Jaz coaching.

He gets to 17/12.

He gets to 18/13. He gets to 19/15. He saves a pt by diving twice but concedes the pt.

He is at 19/16.
He gets to match pt. He smashes for the match. 
  What guts this kids have. Ed was shaking after the win.

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