Sunday, April 20, 2014

Continuation NSW 1

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Xiang and Tyz are trailing at 7/10 while girls are at 18/19.

Girls get to deuce but lose the set.
 Boys at 8/13.

Boys down 10/17. Girls at 2nd set.

The boys try hard but lose the first set. Girls are at 6/5.

Boys are at 10/7. Girls get 11/9. Boys get to 11/9. Boys get to 11 and now 12/12.

Girls at 15/13.

Now 16/13. Boys at 15.14.

 Girls at  15/17. Boys 16/14.
Boys 17/15 now 18/15. Girls at 19/16

Boys at 19/17.

Boys 19/18. Girls 19/19.   Girls lose but close. Boys at deuce 21/21.  Deuce 22/23 but they lose 22/24.

WA down 1/3 in team.

ED now plays Marco Ma. Ed 6/6. Sop 2/7.

Marco takes the lead at 9/5. Sop is down at 3/11. Ed gets back a pt to 9/11. Ma gets to 11.

Sop is at 3/15. Sop goes down at 5/21 in the firsts set. Ed is hanging on at 12/13. He gets to 14/17.

Sop trails at 1/5.  Ed is at 14/20.  Ed goes down at 15/21. Sop is at 2/11.

ED hanging on at 6/8. He gets a good cross drop to get 8/9. Marco gets to 11/9. Julia is playing Ysabel Say next.

Julia is at 0/4.

Ed gets to 11/14. He struggles at 12/18 while Julia is also struggling at 4/10. Ed goes down in the 2nd set at 13/21.

Jul also struggling at 9/17. Now 11/19.

She loses the first set at 15/21.

WA 1/5 down in team score.

Xiang grabs a 4/0 lead.

Now at 11/3 while Ju is at 2/8.

Xiang at 13/5. Xiang stays ahead at  17/8 after smashing into the net. Julia is not doing well playing no. 3 seed instead of no. 4.

Julia loses the match to a stronger girl. She tried her best.

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