Monday, April 21, 2014

GeriMay vs Josephine

Geri now plays Josephine.T
Tyz is at 4/4 against Harsh Phogat.  He gets to 6/4. Geri trails at 4/11.

Tyz at 7/5. 

Geri trails still at 15/7.

Tyz at 10/10. SA gets to 11/10.

Geri is having a tough time not aggravating her ankle and is at 8/18. She loses the first set.

Tyz trails at 11/13. He needs to relax. 

Tyz is at 15/14.

They are at 16/16.
Geri is at 5/3.

Tyz gets to 19/18. He needs to stay calm.  Tyz gets match pt and then SA hits out for the set.

Geri is doing well at 6/6.

Geri gets to 11/10.  Tyz gets to 3/1.

Tyz gets a drop for another pt.

Tyz gets to 8/2.

Geri is at 12/15.

Geri is 3 pts behind while Tyz is letting his opponent make the mistakes. He gets to 11/3.

Geri hangs on at 14/16.

Tyz has a finger bandaged. He gets to 13/3.

Geri goes down fighting at 16/21.

Tyz is at 14/5.  He gets to 15/6.

He taps in a pt. to 17

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