Sunday, April 20, 2014

WA vs NSW1

Dear readers

The game starts at 330 pm NZ time.

This is not the medal round yet. If we beat NSW1 and then SA tomorrow, we will be fighting for a gold silver spot.

If we lose to NSW and beat SA we will be fighting for a 3/4 space.

Keep your fingers crossed and make your prayers to your relevant religious entities.

Geri is injured in her ankle. Sophie will have to step up. NSW 1 is beatable even without Geri.

We just need to pray harder and ask for more religious favors and hope that our previous good deeds will favor us.

Olivier and Sophie are on against Ysabel and Vega.

Ed and Gav v Vince He and Marco Ma.

EG at 7/5 while girls at 2/11.

EG get to 10/7 and lose 2 pts. OS down 4/17.  EG finally get to 11/10.

Girls lose the first set.

Boys at 13/12.

Now 13/13.

Boys 14/14. Now at 16/17 after 2 strong smashes by Gav.

EG down to 17/19.  E smashes a pt to get closer.

They get to 19/19. NSW  gets game pt. We get to deuce.  ED gets a smash pt from a serve.

Ed serves high and gets the first set. Good boy.

Olivier is trying her best to hold the fort at 8/15.

EG at 8/4.

Girls lose 2nd set.

GE are holding up at 11/4. Now 12/4.  Ed defending well and Ed just jumped smash another pt. to 1
Now boys at 19/10. They win the set at 21/11. Good boys.

Bella and Julia are playing Tiff Ho and  Janet Son, both Australian junior players. They are down 9/5.

Tyz and Xiang face arch enemies Huai Dong and Justin Lee. They have yet to beat them but today may be the day they change the story.

the first pt for NSW. may be the day they change fate..

Justin get the first pt. WA boys down at 4/7t

HD gets



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