Saturday, April 19, 2014

Continuation Central NZ

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WA girls lose the 2nd set forcing a 3rd set.  Xiang and Tuz got 2 sets easily.

Ed has a shaly start but now gets to 4/7.

Girls are at 14/12 on 2nd set. This is a tight game . We are at  15/14.

There is a long rally and the girls get to 18/17.

Ed has caught up to 10/11. Girls at deuce. 21/21. Now 22/21. Whew the girls get to 23/21.

Ed has also got the lead at 19/16 after trailing.

ED smashes to get to 20/18. He gets the first set.

Ed gets first blood on 2nd set.

He is at 7/2.

Geri is at 4/2.  Ed at 13/4.  Geri gets to 10/4.  Ed does a good drop to get ahead at 18/5. Now 19/5.

Ed wins at 21/5. Good boy.

Geri is at 13/7. She wins the first at 21/9. Very solid.

Geri at 5/0 now. The other player has given up I think. Geri gets to 9/1. She is now at 14/3.

Julia is at 5/5.  Geri at 16/7. Julia is having a tougher time at 8/8.  Geri is at 21/7 winning another point for WA.

Julia is down 9/11 and has to catch up.

Xiang goes on next. Julia is at 12/13.  Staying close at 13/15. Now 16/18. Julia loses the first set. She has to dig harder for the next.

Xiang is powering ahead at 8/1.

He makes 2 mistakes and is at 9/3. Xiang gets to 11/3.

Julia is toughing it out at 3/3.

She does a good drop and gets ahead for the first time.

Xiang is at 15/5. Julia draws again at 7/7 and now 10/9.

Xiang wins his first set. NZ gets to 11/10.

NZ takes the lead for the first time at 4/3.

Julia gets to 14/12.

NZ still in the lead at 6.5

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