Saturday, April 19, 2014

Continuation NNZ2

Dear readers

Xiang is fighting hard but trails at 17/20.

Geri at 3/7. Xiang has to find the right pace to win the 2nd set.

Xiang at 5/2. GM at 8/12. Xiang at 9/3.

 Geri is trailing at 10/17. Geri looks hurt but is still fighting.  She loses the 2nd set  and is crying in pain. What a gutsy girl.

Xiang is at 15/11 and needs this set. He gets to 16/11. He does a cross drop to get to 17.

Xiang gets game pt 17. and then loses 2 pts before winning the set.

These kids give everything for WA. So what are we parents complaining about the work we have to do for them at training.

Xiang is at 6/4. Olivia at 11/4. Xiang gets to 9/5.

Xiang gets to 11/8. .Olivia 12/8. Xiang at 14/9.  Xiang loses 2 pts.  Olivia gets a good pt at the net.

Olivia gets to win the first set. Xiang at 16/15. 

Oli at 4/0. Xi at 19/18. Xiang wins the 3rd set at 21/18.

Oli is at 8/3. Now 13/4.

Now 16/6. Now 17/6. She wins another pt at the net.

I had to make a sandwich for Julia and did not see Olivia win the match.

Tyz is trailing at 5/9.

NZ gets to 11/5. Bella is next. She needs to win this match too.

Tyz gets to 7/11. and then wins another pt. Now 9/12.

He catches up to 11/12.  Tyz at 13/17 an now 14/18.

He fights to retain another pt for WA. He goes down at 17/21. Bella is at 9/9. Tyz needs to fight back for WA.

Bella gets to 11 first. Tyz stays at 7/2. Bella gets to 14/13.

Tyz gets to 9/4. He gets to 11 first.

Bella gets the first set. I think the kids deserve t go out for dinner no matter what.

NZ draws at 11.

Now 12 all. Tyz at 15/12.  NZ catches up at 17 all and then serves to the net to give tyz a pt. Tyz at 19/17.

Tyz gets to 20/17. He gets a 3rd set.

Bella is trailing at  
19/20 and she loses the set. Tyz changes sides at 8/11.

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