Monday, April 21, 2014

Xiang and Tyz are at 9/5 against Vic.

WA boys at 10/7. They get to 11/7.

Julia smashes to 2/2. 

WA takes a 1 pt lead.

GIRLs AT 6/4.  Boys at 13/10.  Now Xiang gets WA to 15/10.

Tyz pushes a serve to get another pt.

Boys at 17/11.  Girls at 9/9.

Girls at11/10. The boys get the first set.

Boys at 6/1 and girls at 14/15.

Xiang gets a drop smash to get to 9/3.

Girls at 15/17. Girls lose the first set at 17/21.

The boys reach 11/6.

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