Saturday, April 19, 2014

Continuation NNZ2

Dear readers

Tyz gets to 11/18.  He is tired. Still fighting for every pt.  He loses the 3rd set after a hard fight.

Bella is at 3rd set at 11/8. They change over. Bella needs to win for WA to stay in the hunt.

Bella gets to 13/9.

Team score WA is 4/6. This may go down the wire. Bella gets to 15/10.

She does a great drop and wins another pt. She smashes for another pt. for 19/10.

Bella wins another game for WA. Good girl.

WA is at 5/6 for the team score.

Gav is at 9/4.  He gets to 11/6.

GM is now with Xian. I hope her legs hold up.

Xiang will have to do most of the work. Gacv at 17/10.

Ger does a jumping sm,ash even though her ankle is hurt. What a girl.

XG at 4/6. XG get to 9/11. and then 15/15.

Gavin gets a good pt to reach 11/9.

Geri is hurt but still fighting.  Gav at 15/13.  XG at 4.2. Video battery is dead.

Gav wins in 2 sets. There is a changeover at 6/11.

Tyz and Oli win a good long rally.

XG is at 15/12. Now 18/15. WA 19/17. WA wins 2nd set.

Xi looks tired. XG at 4/2. 4/5.

WA gets to 11/10. XG lose 3rd set.

TO at 15/12.

TO 19/17. They get to win the 1st set.

GB at 6/7.

GB at \][9/9,

gb at 9/11

TO at 12/8. To at 16/8.  Ol does a good serve and gets a pt. TO at 19/10. They win in 2 sets.

 GB  win ther first game.

GB at 2/2.

GB at 10/7.

GB get to 11/7. They need to win this game.

GB at 13/8 and now 16/10.

GB at 19/11.  20/11  and Gav serves for the set. He drops a great drop to win the match.

EJ at 11/7. 

Score is now  8/7 for team. We need to win the last one or we lose in score.

EJ at 13/9.

NZ gets 14/13.


16/14.  17/14.



18 all.

J lose the 1st and 2nd set after catching up 5 pts to get to deuce on the 2nd. They did their best.

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