Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Xiang and Tyz v New Zealand 1/2

Dear readers

I bought Subway for the team. When I arrived, Matt had already bought lunch.

I quickly onsold the Subway lunches to the NSW team. nKay wants to pay for the lunch but Matt refuses payment.

Matt gets a kiss form the manager for the lunch. Kids will have to thank him later.

Xiang and Tyz are playing a NZ 1/2 pair. Boys are at 8/5.

They get to 9/6.  Now 11/9 for WA.

On other scores while I was getting lunch, Gav and Ed progress on their doubles.
They beat their opponents to progress to the next stage. They beat seeded 5/8 pair h Jin and j SETI of NNZ. Score 21/19 21/12

Bella and Olivia have lost their doubles to NNZ seeded 5/8 pair Hawkins and Goodson, they go to the plate.

Jasper and new partner maiden Chen lose to seeded 2 Huai dong and j lee both sets under 10.  They also go to the plate.

Geri and Julia beat NZ pair Lindsay and othene in 2 sets before going down to c shah and s Wu seeded 3/4 in 17/21 and 16/21.

Sop and geraldton shed wood also lost to t chan and k Guo to go to the plate.

Ed fan and Julia will play seeded 5/8 hillier and s fu later today.

Tyz and j son will face ed Ma and e Cochran in the afternoon.

Xiang and ger also face j SETI and r font later.
Gav and Olivia face arcana and wash wadhwanta seeded 9/16 from NNZ.

Xiang and Tyz's game are coming quick and fast. They are at 17/10.

They get to game pt. Xi drops and the return is hit out.

Lee Fah, our laundry director and score keeper for whatspp.
Boys down 4/5. Now 4/6 as Tyz smash into the net.

He redeems himself by getting a smash in for a pt.

WA still  trail at 7/10.  .
get back 1 but still rail as NZ gets to 11/8.

The boys need to fight back quickly.
Now down 9/13.

They escape a pt when NZ hits a winner into the net.

Now trailing 13/14.

They trail by 2 pt again. Now 3 pts. A smash return from Xiang gets another pt.

Still down 3 pts.
Score at 14/19. Tyz smashes for another pt.

They get to 17/19. And then 18/19.
 to match pt.
They equalise.
NZ equalise.
They equalise. They get match pt. Tyz serves high, a return is dropped and MZ hit the net. Good return boys. They have beaten ranked 5/8 pair j ding and chris steegh.

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