Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyz and Janet mixed doubles

Tyz and j son reach 11/10 in the first set. They get 12/11.

They are leading at 18/11. Now 18/13.  Thy get back a pt at 19/15. They reach game pt at 20/15.

Tyz and son get the first set.

Trailing at 2/3. They equalise at 4/4 and then take the lead at 6/4.

 Now 7/5. They get a few easy pts to 10/5..

They reach 11 first.

Now 11/7.

Annie does a stint of lining and score keeping as Jacob has to leave for his game.

 Score 16/7.

They get to 19/8 with mistakes by opponent.

Tyz and son win the match.

Bella and jas v nsw.

They trail 6/9.

They get to 7/10.

Score at  10/16. They catch up at 12/17. They reduce it to 14/18. 

Nsw get to game pt but Bella keeps it alive with a cross drop. They still lose the set.

Bella and jas lead at 9/6. They get to 11/6. Can they get a 3rd set?

jas does a good drop to get to 12/8.

Nsw catches up at 10/13 but Bella does a quick smash to 15/10.

We get a pt when nsw did not call let after a shuttle drops in.

Now 16/12.

Jas hits it down the middle for another pt.

They get to 19/13.  Bella misses a smash and jas shot drops. They still get to game pt 17. Jas smash to get the set.

I have to go to Gav and Olivia's game.

Gav and Olivia won the first set. They lead the 2nd at 10/3. They get to 11.

This is going to be easy for Gav n Olivia. Better go support Jas.

Jas and Bella at 19/19. Nsw gets to match pt.  jas gets to due e with a good shot. They get the lead. Jas smashes for the match. This was close.

Jas and Bella after their close 3rdset.

Geri and Xiang won the first set.

Not easy to get a good shot of Geri as she is the same height as the white tape.

Xiang and Geri have no problem with this young auckland team. They reach 11 I'm the 2nd set.

Sop and her Nz partner are next.

They trail at 7/11.

They get to 9/11.

Her opponent get to 14/9. Now 13/14.

Sp smashes to equalise.
Her opp gets the first set. Sop and partner wins the 2nd set.

She gets a 3rd set while I am having tech issues. Score on the 3rd set is now 4/8.

 Now trailing at 5/9.

They catch up at 7/9.

Thy equalise at 10/10and reach 11 first.


They now trail 11/13.  Now at 14/14.

Sop taps in a winner to get to 17/16.

They draw at 18/18. They get to 20/18 but drop a pt.

Sop wins the match with her NZ partner.


Bella and jas v NZ pair.

Bella and jas down 3/7.

Now 4/8.

They catch up to 5/8 now 7/9.

Tyz and j son v Gav and Olivia next. So to support?

Jas does a good defend to get to 11/10. Now 18/18.

Now 19/19. Jas smashes to get match pt. Bella does her classic net tumble to get the match.

Now leading at 13/11.

Bella beat this girl in singles. Can she do the same for doubles.  15/12 and now 16/11,
And they 
They get to18/12. Now at 17/19

 Now 19/14. They get the first set. Closer 2nd set at 6/5.

They trail at 7/8. Now 8/9. Opponent get to 11/9. Now at 14/14. Bella gets to 16/16.

Tyz nd son trail at 5/9,

Tyz taps in to get 6/1o but Gavin and Olivia get to 11.

Tyz and Janet trail 11/16.

Tyz gets to 13/17.

They trail at 15/19.

Now at game pt 17.

Now at 18.

Gav and Olivia gets the first set.

Tyz and Janet get to 4/0.

Tyz and son get to 11/3 in the 2nd set. Now 13/3.

They now lead at 16/9.

Tyz smashes to get to 18/10.

Tyz smashes to get to set pt.

They drop 2 pts.  Before he smashes for the set.

Tyz and son at 12/10 now 13/10.

Gav hits the serve out for 15/10.

Janet tumbles the shot for another pt.

They get to 18/11.

Janet smashes for another pt closer to match pt. Tyz and Janet win the set at 21/10.

Geri and Xiang lost their first set against a Vic pair.

Xiang and Geri down 14/13 2nd set.

Vic takes the lead  and Xiang equalise.

Geri smashes to get to 17/16. They are trading pts. Wa leads 19/17.

Xiang gets to set pt. Geri serves short.

Xiang misses a serve.  Vic smashes to get the pt . Vic hits out for deuce again. Vic 22/21 and Xiang smashes to deuce. Vic gets ahead.
Xiang misses another serve and Vic wins. Tough luck. 

Sop plays her 2nd doubles game. They play a New Caledonia pair. They trail 8/19. I do not know if it is first or 2nd set as I had to check my office email. Oh it has finished and New Caledonia has won.

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