Monday, April 21, 2014

Edward and Gavin, Olivia and Geri

ThEG at 3/2. Geri and Olivia, OG at 6/3. EG need to stay focused. They get to 5/3 . Ed does a cross drop to get another pt.

The girls are at 9/5 and they get another pt when SA hits the net. SA catches up to 7 but we get to 11 first.

The boys get to 11/4 after good defending. 

Its good to get Geri May back. They are now at 13/9.

The boys reach 13/5.

The girls reach 16/9.   Ed does a smash to get another pt.

SA gets apt to reach 7/19.  Ed taps in for a pt to reach game pt. He misses a return to serve. Gavin back swipes to get game pt at 21/8.

The girls get to 19/15. It is much closer. Olivia drops to get to 20/15.  Geri smashes to get the set at 21/15.

The girls are 0/4 down before they get their first pt. They are now at 6/8. This is a closer fight.

The boys get to 11/7.

Girls claw back to 8/8. Boys are at 13/9.

WA girls take the lead  and reach 11/8.

Boys are at 16/9.

This is so much easier with assistance.

Girls get to 11/8.

This new app is great for posting and photos. After a long rally, the girls get another pt.

The boys get match pt at 21/12.

The girls are having a tougher fight and are at 14/12.

SA gets another pt to catch up.  Now 14/14.  They now trail by a pt.

SA are at 17/14.
SA gets to 19/14 and WA gets another pt. SA gets game pt at 20/16.

SA gets a lucky break when the shuttle tumbles over.

Now we have a 3rd set.

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