Saturday, April 19, 2014


Dear readers

This is a strong team. They lost to NSW 1 by 1 match. It can go either way.

Stress levels are up.

Gavin and Edward had a close fight but had to concede 2 sets.  The girls Geri and Julia won in 2 sets. Last point went to deuce although they were up 20/18. Good return.

Cannot multitask now as scores re too tight and stressful.

Xiang and Tyz are next while Bella and Olivia also go in for WA.

Tyz gets the first pt with a strong smash.

It is a close fight going pt for pt.

Girls are down 7/11 while boys get to 11/10.

Xi smashes 3 times to get to 15/10. Now 18/10.

Xiang and Tyz win the first set while Bella and Olivia lose the 2nd./0 in the 2nd

The gilrs are catching up at 5/7 while boys are trailing 6/11.

Girls finally take the lead at 9/8.

Boys trail at 9/15.  Xiang reduces the gap by 2 pts.  Tyz gets another pt to reduce gap to 3.

WA now 14/17. girls 11/12.

The boys lose the 2nd set at 16/20. Now they have to fight for a 3rd.

The girls go down. Boys are up 6/1. Hopefully they can keep it up.
They lose 3 pt before getting to 11/4.

NZ get to 6/11 and after a long rally we get another pt.

This is too stressful.

Tyz does a good smash to get to 14/6.

WA at 15/8. Now 17/8.  Now 19/9.  Tyz smashes to get to match point. NZ serves long to giv WA the match.

It is close, very close.

Julia gets to 11/10.

Ed is on for singles.  He said he was tired. He has to push the limit. Julia is 11/14 and she gets another pt. Now trailing 13/15 but she gets another pt. Jul at 16/18.

Jul is looking tired. She loses the first set.

Ed is trailin at 3/11.

Jul gets to 6

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