Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ED vs Ben Hillier

Ed is playing Ben in his 4th round game. Ben is seeded 1. Ed has to hang in to every pt. Tyzton went 3 sets with Ben last year and lost to Ben.

Hopefully Ed does better.

Ed gives 3 pts away as he is nervous.

He gets a strong smash in for his first pt.

He gets anther smash in for a 2nd pt.

Gavin is playing in the next court against  loud Harsh Phogat.

Ed down 8/2.

Gavin should have an easier time. He gets to 11/2 first.
Ed is at 3/11.

Ed down at 13/4 while Gav is up but I cannot see the score.

Ben gets to 16/4.

I think he  is at 17/7.
ED loses the first set while Gav gets the first set against Harsh.

ED is playing a better 2nd set. He is at 4/1.  Hillier gets a drop pt.

Hillier does not look like a strong player but he is match wise./5

He gets the lead at 6 and  then 7/5.

ED finally gets a pt. at 6/11.

Gav gets to 11 first again. He s having an easy run.

Gav waits for Harsh to make his ow mistakes and continue to win pts.

Ed is 9/14. He cuts the deficit to 11/14.

Gav finishes the match in 2 sets quickly.

Hillier gets to 19/11. Ed fights back to 15/19 and then faces match pt. He returns a smash out to lose the match. 

Bella is playing a NZ girl called Galvez. After a slow start from behind she gets to 11/10.

She is 12/13.
She equalises with a drop.

She continues to trail at 13/15 and now 17/14.

She gets  pt back with a cross drop.

She equalises when NZ hits out.

NZ does a cross drop which catches Bella.

Score at 18/18.

She gets the lead at 19/18 and then game pt.

She gets the set at 21/19. Good fight back.

Bella gets to 5/2.

Galvez tricks Bella with a cross drop. After a long rally, Bella gets to 6/3.

Bella progresses to 9/4. Galvez is running out of options.

She fights back at 6/9 and then 7/9.

Bella loses concentration and loses 3 pts in a row. Galvez equalises.
Bella finally gets a pt.

Bella gets to 11/9.

Galvez equalises again at 11/11.

Bella gets to 13/11.
Bella gets a cross net for a pt. She is now at 15/12.

Galvez catches up at 14/15 and then serves out for a pt to Bella.

Bella gets to 17/14.

Bella gets another pt. 

Bella wins the match with a smash. Bella has beaten ranked 5/8 Galvez.

Olivia playing a SA girl named n gunasegaranand leading by 14/3. She got there by beating seeded 9/16 player J vega of nsw. Does not need a coach so I go in at 11 pts to take a photo. She is at 15/4.

She reaches 16/5 and then 17/5 with a nice net drop.


She wins the match at 21/5. Too easy.
Julia is playing a Victorian.

She lost the first set 13/21.

She trails the 2nd at 2/5. She catches up at 4/5.

Now trailing at 8/4.

She gets a pt at 5/10.

Coach is running late and I step in but do not know what to say other than to keep the shuttle in.

Julia gets to 8/16. She trails at 8/19.  She faces match pt and loses the mach after hitting out.

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