Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Geri May v Central New Zealand

Geri is doing well against a Central NZ girl. She gets to 11/5.

Bella is close to finishing her 2 sets win.

Sophie went down in 2 sets.

She is at 15/8 and then to 16/9. Her ankle is holding up and she gets to 15/18.

The NZ girl is fighting  back.

Now is is 18/19. Geri gets to game pt and her serves goes in for the first set.

Bella won in 2 against K Selen.

Julia won against Angelie Agulto of Geraldton in 2 sets 5 and 10.

Olivia had to fight Vega of NSW in 3 sets before she won 15/21, 21/15 and 21/13.

Julia beat Georgia Perry of NNZ in 10 and 11.

Edward has won against Owen Wang and Kingston to progress hopefully to the quarters.

Tyz is out of singles going down in 3 sets against Schler.

Xiang and Gavin continue their singles run.

She gets to 16/11. She gets to 18/12.

Her smash is not returned and she gets another pt.

The game is finished quickly at 21/12.

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