Sunday, April 27, 2014

The first day after the team disbanded

Kay and the girls and Edward left for Perth today. there was no tearful goodbyes as we knew we would see them again soon. They were asked to wear their medals when they arrive in Perth. That is because there was so much blood sweat and tears out to win that medal.

Lots ff sacrifice by everyone especially the parents. I was sad for the parents who were not able to share all these moments that their child had gone through.

Hopefully the blog helped them to feel like they experienced everything. I can tell you that I experienced every emotion you can feel under the sky.

After the team disbanded, Matt and I brought the children to his friend's cafe for coffee so that we could plan the day. It was decided to bring the kids to Planet Snow for some ski -ing.

First we needed a stopover to buy some gloves and beanies. The gloves were too expensive so we decided to rent. I paid $10 for my beanie while Jasper paid $5. I decided the gloves were too expensive at $20 compared to renting at $9.

After that we went for a late lunch and early dinner before leaving for the snow place at 630 pm. IT was a good 30 min drive down scenic e Auckland to get to Silverdale where the snow place was. The kids loved the place. See the videos.

I fell a few times going down the steep slope and A now feeling the pain.

The kids still had energy to go to the 24 hr gym and just came back at 1230pm.

Tomorrow I am taking them bungee jumping at the SkyTower.

do keep a lookout for that blog.

I believe the parents all signed off on me taking them everywhere I can think of. Bungy jumping was the natural progression from ski-ing. They will love it.

My painful bones from the ski fall can be straightened up by the Bungy jump.

Good night guys.

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