Monday, April 21, 2014

Where are we at WA

Dear readers

Today has not been as exciting as yesterday. Did we have a chance to beat arch enemies NSW 1, maybe, maybe not. They have always been a tough team to beat. With Gerimay down, it was even harder. We had  Sophie step in but she could only do so much. She gave her all and we have to be grateful for that. Her parents have been doing the laundry too for the team.

Everyone pitches in for the kids.

So where are we?

We have to beat SA tomorrow. They beat CNZ 9/7 today whereas we beat CNZ 14/2. That means we have a good chance to beat SA. They have a new import from Malaysia playing No. 1.

We have our import too in Gavin who has been a courageous player.

Our other import is Bella , barely 13 years but showing great promise.

We have also Geri May and Julia who are seasoned campainer. The silent killer is always Olivia who gets to do her job without fanfare. You just need to make sure she gets rice the night before. We did that tonight. That is provide her with rice. I also cooked some chinese chicken porridge tonight for her to make sure she is fully equipped. I will always remember her first plate event semi with Tyz when she collapse as we gae her pasta and pizza the night before the game.

Tyz and Xiang will of course hold the fort with Edward another seasoned campiagner.

We still have new player, Jasper who is always hungry but always there for WA. Sophie again will step in if needed.

The kids have had their photo taken with June Bevan, the legend for whom the tournament is named after.

If we beat SA, we play for 3/4 place against most probably Victoria. The last year, we played them for 3/4 place and they came out better. This year, I hope we do better. I am hoping Yuli and Kay win a medal. That is what we are here for. It is not to make history as WA , I found out won silver in 2001 and bronze in 2004. However, it has been a long time since we won anything and Kay has yet to bring a medal home for WA.That is as  a manager for the under 17s . She has won lots of medals on her own.

It is late so I better log off as tomorrow will be a big day. Goodnight.

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