Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dear readers

Xiang won his singles in 2 sets. He was leading way ahead but lose nearly 6 pts in a row,  losing the lead a few times and then closing the match to our relief.

Olivia is fighting hard and getting 13/17 trailing all the way but never giving up. She gets  14/17.
  Olivia goes down at 15/21 in the first set.

He leads at 5/4. Olivia leads at 7/6.

Olivia is at 8/9 and Tyz is trailing now at 8/11.

Olivia gets to 11/8. Olivia steams ahead at 15/8.  Olivia stays at 16/11 while Tyz faces game pt at 17/20.

Olivia gets to play the 3rd set. Tyz loses the first set at 18/21.

Olivia is at 4/4. They are going blow for blow.

Tyz gets to 11 first but needs to stay calm. Olivia is trailing 9/12.

Tyz holding on to a 1 pt lead and now 16/15.

Now Tyz is at 17/17. Olivia hangs on at 15/17. Tyz is bleeding and the no blood rule says he has to stop. He does not get any more pt and loses the match. He gave his all.

Olivia is still fighting at 16/19. She gets 3 pts to 19/20.

She gets to deuce. Geri could not see the shot and there is a let played. The next shot was hit out by Olivia giving Janet the match. What a tough loss. She did WA proud.

Bella plays Tiff. and Gavin plays Huai Dong next.

Bella is 2/6.  She gets to 4/7. Gv is at 5/4.  She gets to 9/11 and Gav  is at 10/10.

 Bella at 13/16 and Gav at 12/15.

Bella loses the first set. Gav lose the first set too after a hard fight.

All 4 players are facing each other for the first time in national comp. Sizing each other up.

Bella at 4/5 and Gavin at 0/4.

Gav fights back to 5/8. Bella is down 7/11.

Gav at 8/8 fighting at 12/15. Bella loses the 2nd set at 12/21.
This is Gav's first time against HD who plays for Australia.

Gavin gets 4 ps while facing match pt but could not get to deuce. He should know what to do next time he meets HD.

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