Thursday, April 24, 2014

Xiang and Tyzton next court is Gav and Edward v Guo and dacmen

I have sent Gareth to film Tyz and Xiang while I cover Gavin and Edward.mtoo stress ful to see Tyz and Xiang play.

They have yet to beat Justin and HD . Xiang a bit deflated after losing to Guo.

Hopefully Gavin and ed can take revenge for Xiang.

Ge down 4/6
GE get to 11/10.

Tz down 10/14
14/17 now 15/17. Now 16/17. Now 16/19. They lost first set.

9/6 on 2nd

9/8 they get to 11/8.

GE 10/10 2nd set.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

They get back 17/19. Much better start to their usual first game against HD and Justin. Tyz and xiangndown 1st set.

Ge 18/18.
Ge get to 21/19. Good start.

XT 7/3 on 2nd.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

GE get to 11/10 on 2nd set.

Now 13/12
GE down 17/14

Now 17//17
GE 18/17 GE at 20/18

They get to the semis.

Xiang and Tyz get the 2nd set at 21/16.

This is the first time they have got to a 3rd set.

They are down 0/5.

Now 0/6.
Now 4/8.


They claw back at 8/11.

Can they change the course of their history against HD and Justin?
Now 11/11.

WA takes the lead at 13/12

They lose 2 pts before getting to 14/15.

Now trailing 16/14.

They get to 15/16.

They get to 18/18

now 18/19


NSW get to 20/19.

WA goes down 19/21. That was close.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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