Monday, April 21, 2014

Xiang is next against another David.

Geri refuses to give up. She finally concedes the game.

Xiang and David head to head at 5 all
Xiang creeping ahead of David at 11/6

Julia has started her singles and is currently losing at 1/3 

After interval Xiang smashes in the net to let David get to 11/6 
then David serves out for Xiang to redeem himself at 12/6

Julia still trailing at 2/8. She must catch up to stay in the game 
Xiang however is dominating his match at 18/8. Clearly showing his experience over David. 

At interval Julia is trailing at 2/11
Xiang then finishes his match at 21/8

Second set as started for Xiang as he carelessly hits a smash out, 0/1
Julia still trailing at 5/15, trying desperately for a come-back. 

Xiang at 5/4.

Julia loses the first set.

Xiang hits a good cross to the line for another pt.

I have run out of space in the video camera and Kim Man, Gav's dad has been enlisted to hold the iphone to record the videos.

Xiang is at 8/8. He gets to 9/9. I hope he is not thinking of another 3 setter as he still has individuals.

Julia is struggling at 5/2. Xiang gets to 11 first.

Julia gets back a pt.  Xiag does a soft drop to get to 12/10.


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