Saturday, April 19, 2014

Continuation 2 Central NZ

Dear readers

Xiang after trailing for a while gets to 11/8.

Julia is trading blows with NZ. NZ wins the match at 21/18. Tough fight for Julia.

Xiang is  at 16/13 as NZ plays better for the 2nd set.  Xiang gets to 18/14. NZ catches up at 16/18.

Xiang gets to 19/17 and then gets the match at 21/17.

Tyz gets his first singles. Olivia is also on next.

Tyz is playing against another Tan.

WA is now 6/2 up on the team score.

Tyz gets to 6 all.

Tyz gets to 11/8.

Tyz at 12/10. Nz catches up at 11/12.

Olivia is at 8/4.

Tyz does a good drop to get to 16/11.

Oli gets to 11/5. Tyz gets to 21/12.

Oli gets to 19/7.

Tyz gets the lead at 3/2. Oli gets to 21 after a long rally.

Tyz is 9/3 and now 11/4.

He gives 3 pts away.  Oli is at 5/0.

Now Tyz at 11/10. NZ draws at 11 all before Tyz gets his first pt.
NZ at 14/13.

TYz at 16/14. NZ draws again at 16/16.

Tyz gets to 19/16 with a cross drop. He wins the set at 21/16.

Oli gets to 21/10.

We are now 8/2 ahead. Bella is next.

Bella is leading at 10/6. Gavin is leading at 8/5. Gavin gets to 11/7.

Bella at 18/11 Gav is at 18/9.

Bella gets to win the first set as does Gavin.

Bella at 8/3 and Gav at 4/2. Bella at 11/5.

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