Saturday, April 19, 2014

Continuation NNZ2

Dear readers

Edward loses the first set. Julia is getting 11/1 on the 2nd set.

Jul at 13/2.

She's at 15/3.  Julia at 15/5.

Ed catches up to 7/7 while Julia keeps her lead at 18/6 and then 19/6.

This girl has guts. She gets to 21/6 for a fight for the 3rd set.

Ed finally gets the lead at 11/9. Can he keep up?

The kids are giving their guts.

Jul is down 2/6. Ed gets to 19/16.

Ed gets to set pt and wins the 2nd set. Julia is at 6/11. She needs to dig deeper.

Coach looks stressed.

 Julia is trailing at 14/7. She gets a pt wih a drop.
Julia gets to 11/15 while ed is at 2/8. He needs a boost.  Ed is at 3/10.

Julia at 14/17.  She gets to 16/18.   She gets an unlucky break as NZ ball flips over.

Julia loses the set and match after a great fight. She gave everything.

 Ed is so tired. He tries to hang in at 9/18.

We need to win as many pts as possible.

Ed loses the 3rd set at 11/21.
WA is down 2 matches. We need to catch up.

Xiang is next and also Geri.

Geri loses 2 pts as she is nervous.A lot is depending on these next 2 games.

Geri down 4/9.

Xiang at 4/6.

Xiang trails at 5/9.  He gets to 7/9. NZ gets to 11/7.

Geri gets to 12/17. Xiang draws closer at 9/12 and then 10.

Xiang draws at 12 all.

Xiang trails at 13/16. NZ girl wins the first set.

Xiang tries to close the gap.

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