Monday, April 21, 2014


Olivia leads at 6/4. Tyz gets to 8/12.  Tyz dives but cannot get the smash.

He smashes at Schuler to get to 9/13.

Schuler gets to 15/9.

Tyz goes down on the 2nd set at 15/21.

Olivia is leading at 14/10.

Tyz gets to 3/2 while Olivia is at 15/12.

Olivia is at 17/12. She needs 4 more for WA.

Tyz trails again at 3/7. He gets to 4/8.

Olivia is at 18/15.  Schuler gets to 11/5.

Olivia is staying barely ahead at 18/17.

Olivia gets ahead at 19/18 but Vic catches up.

Tyz reduces the deficit to 8/12. Olivia gets to match point. She hts out for Vic to get to deuce.

They are deuce again.  Olivia gets the match.

Tyz is down 9/19.

He loses the set and the match after a hard fight. 

WA is now 7/3 up.

Come on, we need 2 more for the bronze. What can Bella and Gavin , our own China and Malaysian import do for WA.

Bella is now playing Janice Au and Gavin is playing David Lee.

Bella gets to 3/2. 

Bella is at 7/5 while Gavin is at 2/2.

Bella gets 9/7 while Gavin is at 5/5.

Gavin takes a 1 pt lead.

Bella gets to 11/9. Gavin is at 10/6. Bella stays ahead at 14/10.

 He gets to 11 first. 

He is now at 17/11.  She steams ahead at 18/12.Gav gets to 12/8.

She is at game pt 12 and then gets the set.

Gav is at 14/9.

 He does a good smash to get another pt. He is small in frame but does a great smash.

Gav gets to 19/10 and Bella is at 2/2.

Gav gets the first set.

Jaz goes in to coach.

Bella remains calm and works slowly to continue the fight for a closer path to a medal.

Bella is at 7/6.

Gav continues  to fight for WA.
Bella does a good drop to get another pt.

Gav stays ahead at 7/5. Bella trails at 11/13.

Gav trails at 5/11. He looks tired too.

Bella also trails at 13/15.

She gets another pt.

She equalises at 15/15.

She gets back the lead with a smash to 16/15.  Gavin is struggling here. He gets to 6/13.

Bella is 1 pt behind at 16/17.  She is now 2 pts behind. Gavin smashes to keep the fight alive.

Bella faces a 3rd set at 18/20.  Vic smashes for a 3rd set. I am running out of battery everywhere.

There is a very long rally before Gav gets a pt.

He still trails 9/16.

He fights to get another pt.

He gets to 13/16. Bella gets to 6/3.

Gav catches up at 14/16. This is a gutsy catch up.

He gets to 16/16.

Now 17/17. Vic gets to 18 and Gav draws.

Vic drops and Gav misses the return.

Vic gets to set pt.

Bella is at 15/4.

They are at deuce.

Gav serves. He hits it in and gets match pt. This is gutsy. He does a drop and gets the match.

Bella is at 19/8. We just need 1 ore to get the bronze.

Vic serves and Bella smashes to get us the bronze.

That was a real gutsy fight back by Gavin.

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