Saturday, April 19, 2014

WA v Central NZ

Dear readers

Game just started:

Sophie and Olivia going first. Edward and Gavin in the next court.

Sop and Oli down 10/7. They are down at 8/11.

Gav and Ed at 9/6.

This is going to be a tougher day.

Ed and Gav at 11/7.

Sop and Oli down 14/10. Boys at 14/9.

Girls creep up to 12/17.

Boys at 17/11. Girls at 15/18. Girls get up to 17/18.

Boys get the first set. Girls are at 18/19. At 19/20.  Sop serves out and gives the first set to NZ.

Boys at 3/4.  Girls at 3/0.

Girls at 1/3 after a smash by Oli.

Boys catching up at 7/8.

Boys at 10/8. Girls are not doing well at 2/7.

Girls catching up at 3/8.

Boys get 11/8. Boys at 12/8. Girls still down at 6/10.

Boys at 15/8.  Boys up at 18/9. Girls catching up again at 9/11.

Boys get 21/9. Good on them.

Girls down 11/17. They get another point. Looking dangerous at 14/18. Now 15/18. Oli grts another point to 17/19. There is still a chance. Oh no, they went down at 17/21.

That is 2 all but we are up on points.

Bella and Julia are next.

Xiang and Tyz are also on.  After a shaky start boys are at 6 all.

Girls are 9/2 up.

Boys are at 8/6. Bella  and Julia are blitzing them at 11/4.

Boys get to 11/7.

Girls at 12/6.

Boys now at 14/8.  Now 16/10. Girls at 16/9.   Boys lose a few  at  pts and now at 17/13. Come on , finish the set at 21/15. The girls get 21/14.

After a long rally the boys finish the first set Boyds 

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