Friday, April 18, 2014


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This is the first game for the team. They are playing Mainland NZ No. 2 team.

Their opponents are much smaller and younger.

Reminds me of Jaz and Tyz's first national Under 15s when they played Vic 1 and got slaughtered as WA was much younger and smaller.

Question? Do we finish the opponent off quickly or give them a chance to experience the game.

Such tough decisions. Kay says to show no mercy.

Whatsapp still down.

Checked the player's package last night. Found out that WA did win silver in 2001 and bronze in 2004.

So, what history can we make this year?

Gavin wins the first set at 21/6. He is now at 19/7 .

Bella wins both sets easily.

Olivia loses a pt at 18/1. Xiang is at 15/5.

Switching from whatsapp to ipad as phone died.

Geri won first set easily, 2nd set at 6/0. Edward is at 14/7.

Geri at 10/2 and Ed at 16/8.

Ed is at 18/9. Geri at 12/2.  Ed gets to 19/12.  Ed gets the first set at 21/12.

Geri at 17/6. She finishes at 21/7.

Ed at 6/0 2nd set. 11/0 for Ed.

Ed gets to 16/0 showing no mercy.  Ed gets 20/0 and finished at 21/0.

Olivia is next.

Xiang is also next.

Xiang and Olivia both at 4-0

Olivia now moving onto a solid 11-0 lead. Whilst Xiang has lost the perfect score and sitting at 11-1

Olivia also losing the perfect score after serving in the net, 13-1
She the loses focus and drops another point at 13-2. Determined to make justice she smashes 3 straight point to bring herself to 16-2.

Olivia finishes the first set at 21/6.

Xiango 21/2. gets 21/4 for the first set.

Xiang at 5/1 and Ol at 6/0. Olivia gets to 11/0.

OLiivia get

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