Sunday, April 13, 2014

A surprise present from the players

Dear readers

Yesterday was the final training for the Under 17s team before they fly off on Wednesday. They are headed for Auckland, New Zealand.

For many of the players, this is a first trip to New Zealand for them. I am sure they will love the sights and the people. Matt Posa and his family will be our  New Zealand host. She is coach's hubby.

If you are free on Wednesday, I am sure the players will be thrilled to be sent off.

I was thrilled and pleased at Saturday's training as I was given a good surprise. I had been making sure that the players send their thank yous to the sponsors who have helped reduce the cost of the trip substantially.

Well, the players gave me a surprise present to thank me for finding the sponsors. It was a good surprise. They gave me a box of Srixon golf balls. It is so easy to buy a golf tragic presents.

Ray, the chaperone, blogger, cook, laundry supervisor, fund raiser with the team after receiving his surprise present (sans Julia and Geri as they were late) .
On the way home after the training, I asked Tyzton , whose idea it was to get the present. He told me that it was his idea as he thought that the players should not just be thanking the sponsors. Well, the players have lots of people to thank. Their parents comes foremost to mind. 

Many of the parents have to work hard to be able to have the players in the state teams. BAWA does help with some sponsorship but it is never enough. Hence fund raising has been an important part of the journey. Along that journey, I like to let the players know about thanking any one who has helped them in their badminton journey and in life. Paying respect to the coach, the manager etc are all important lessons. The players also have to thank all the volunteers who have helped to hone their skills. I am glad this team has been great in that respect. I look forward to travelling with this team.

The question is what we will bring back. Let's hope it will be a medal. Gold will be best.   

Night. The next time I blog will be in Auckland, New Zealand.  Join me for a day to day account of the tournament. You can also join us on Wechat, Just send me your mobile phone number and I can add you in.

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