Thursday, April 17, 2014

About to sleep after waking up at 8 am Wed and about to sleep at 11 pm Thurs

 Dear readers

It has been an eventful day. Arrived in Auckland at 6 am in heavy rain. Pick up van at 8 am after Mcdonald's breakfast. Not very healthy lah, but no choice.

Van was ready but had to brave the heavy rain to drive the van from carpark to arrival area so players can get in. Made 2 trips even though I did not sleep a wink on the plane.

Kids are great and obedient and helpful. Sorted out phones at the airport.

Players had a first session at the hall which is quite old. NSW team already arrived 3 days earlier.
Matt's sister in law was so good that she delivered her car to the hall for our use. Saves us a heap.

After training, went in van and car to shopping and lunch. Had trouble getting van into car park and Kay had to reverse out.

Kay  had to drive all the players and park elsewhere while Jaz , Ann and I had lunch first.

After lunch, I went shopping for supplies by myself.

Met up with the team after I had filled the cart to the top. $400 worth of groceries. Gee, it is expensive to feed a team.

We all arrived at the  lodgings and were quite disappointed. All the kitchen are small and there is no central kitchen that can be used. Players are split into  4 different units at different locations making it hard to co-ordinate anything.

The most difficult part is getting a space to have the team meet for meals. Unlikely to happen so all 4 groups will have to have their own breakfast plans increasing cost.

Marinated the meat and then tried to catch some sleep but could not sleep as I was thinking about how to feed the team with the arrangements we had. Very difficult.

Went for the first team briefing before sending everyone to get their plates for dinner which was the BBQ at a dimly lit pool area way behind the units. Lucky there was no rain. Photos will be sent later showing how dark it was. At least we had a meal together.

BBQ sausages (quality ones lah) prime beef steaks, chicken drumsticks and salad. Had no time to do the garlic bread for carbohydrate. God almighty, these kids eat a lot. I thought there will be lots of meat left over but they finished nearly  everything and I only had 1 drumstick.

The girls went to do laundry after dinner while Ann, Yuli and I went to the boy's unit and I cooked meat and veg porridge for Yuli and myself as we had hardly eaten. That is Jaz's favourite dish.

The 2 electric tops were difficult to use and took me 40 mins to cook something that takes 15 with gas.

At least there is leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Drove to the city to try and get more provisions but everything was closed.

Kids were socialising with the other teams but I made everyone go to sleep as tomorrow will be another tiring day.

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