Saturday, April 19, 2014

The evening

Dear readers

Continuing from the blog. I drove the kids to Mission Bay for icecream and a view of the harbour. Jasper navigated the first trip from the hotel to Mt Eden, Geri May took over the 2nd journey to Mission Bay.

The kids had yoghurt before we returned to the hotel.

Phil and Tonia had prepared dinner. Dinner was pasta and salad. Apparently they had to walk from their apartment to ours bringing the food. They had to back track as they missed something which means they walked 16 kms to bring the kids food. Good on them.

There was lots of leftovers which will be used for lunch and dinner tomorrow.

After dinner I had to go back to shop for the next day's meals as the shops will be closed again tomorrow.

The players went for their briefing for the next day. There is 2 matches tomorrow and it will get harder everyday.

I returned to the hotel and Annie, Yuli and I prepared the lunch for tomorrow as there is no time tomorrow. The kids are getting rolls with chicken and salad.

The boys were in Tyz's room with Bella.

We found out Bella used to be a ball room dancer and the boys were trying to get her to show us some steps but she was too shy.

Lunch is prepared for tomorrow.I also prepared beef and pork for frying tomorrow's dinner. We are organised.

I just need to make sure I have enough battery life tomorrow for my whatsapp, ipad and video. Talk about multitasking plus cooking.

We are playing Central NZ. first thing in the morning. We may have to play NNZ 2 in the afternoon. They barely lost to NSW1 so it will be tough.

Time to sleep as it will be an early day tomorrow.

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